Patching Up Tomorrow With Yesterday’s Pieces
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“Patching Up Tomorrow with Yesterday’s Pieces” addresses important societal issues such as school violence, drunk-driving, incarceration, marriage and family struggles, stereotypes and personal accountability.  The lead character – Edward Baldwin – was once a very successful and well-respected man.  After losing everything, the turn of events find him in prison for many years.  We are introduced to him at a critical time in his life and we come along on his journey as he transitions from ex-convict to a productive member of the mainstream free society.  As if by chance, he crosses paths with someone else who has suffered even more than Baldwin himself has. Will Baldwin listen long enough to realize that this individual holds the keys to the rest of his life.  Along the way, Baldwin is forced to accept that there are some things he must let go of and that forgiveness of himself as well as others is the key to discovering meaning to his life once again.


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