AUDITIONS for Destiny Surrenders Productions

Destiny Surrenders Productions will hold
AUDITIONS for 2 brand new productions
This Saturday February 27th, 2016
Time: 2pm – 6pm
And next Saturday March 5th, 2016
Time: 2pm – 6pm
WHERE: ACAVEC (Arbor Court Antelope Valley Entertainment Center) – formerly known as Arbor Court Community Theater
LOCATION: 858 W. Jackman St. Lancaster, Ca. 93534
SYNOPSIS & List of Characters – (attached)
Please call: 866.662.7895 ext. 1 to schedule your audition time slot.

Auditions for both shows will take place simultaneous. Folks are encouraged to prepare by reading both synopses and looking through the list of characters prior to showing up for the auditions at which time they’ll be given sides to audition for the roles they are interested in (from either show).

The Age of Grace

Short Synopsis
British born Grace Aiken lives in Jasper Florida, is married to Phil Pendergrass and is the very protective mother to 15-year-old Sarah Grace. So when Grace Pendergrass learns that Luke Rappaport, the pastor’s son is attracted to Sarah Grace, she vows to go to any length to protect her daughter. After a fateful night of careless drinking, accusations a thrown around and fingers are pointed resulting in the pastor’s son being handcuffed and thrown in jail. But could Grace Pendergrass be pointing to the wrong man? Does it make any difference to her?

List of Characters:

SARAH GRACE PENDERGRASS – Sarah is happy, vibrant and curious, eager to explore the world around her. At 15 years of age, a traumatizing experience instantly changes her into a reserved, withdrawn nearly mute observer of those around her. She’s 15 years old in the opening scene and 31 at close. Caucasian

PHIL PENDERGRASS – Unsatisfied with the direction his life has taken, Phil has given up on his dreams and turned to the bottle. He’s medium height, small frame with light (almost balding) hair. He’s indifferent and speaks with a southern (American) accent. He is 48 years old in the opening scene and 64 at close. Caucasian

GRACE PENDERGRASS – A tall slender redhead with traditional family values and a British accent that sounds more cockney than oxford at times. She’s apathetic and seems to simply be going through the motions except when it comes to protecting her daughter. She’s 36 years old in the opening scene and 52 at close. Caucasian

LUKE RAPPAPORT – As a pastor’s son who has no interests in carrying on the “family business”, Luke spends one reckless night drinking with Phil Pendergrass and his daughter (the girl he planned on marrying). The result is a disastrous night that ends with Luke handcuffed and thrown in jail. Luke is 5’9” – 6’2”, athletic build and has an affinity for hip-hop. He’s 22 in the opening scene and 38 at close. RACE UNIMORTANT

TABITHA RAPPAPORT – The death of her mother persuaded Tabitha to become keenly independent and she learned to resolve problems on her own. But with her brother facing 15 to 30 behind bars, she regrets not having shared what she knows about their neighbor Phil. Tabitha is beautiful and confident with dark hair and dark features. She’s 19 years old in the opening scene and 35 at close. RACE UNIMPOTANT

Sherriff THOMAS – The Sherriff is Married with two daughters. He is friendly with his neighbors but he’s a man of the law and he doesn’t allow his friendships to get in the way of doing his job. He ages from 35 to 51 during the show. Caucasian

ASHER BERKOWITZ – Tabitha and Luke’s 15-year-old nephew sent to live in Jasper because New York City is no place to raise a child. Asher is a bible student and he enjoys sharing what he learns in bible class with Sarah Grace. RACE UNIMPOTANT

ALLISON GRACE – Born 16 years after Sarah Grace, Allison wonders why her parents didn’t have both their children much closer together in years. Maybe then she would have had some things in common with her sister. But her sister is not interested in anything at all and her parents rarely talk, to her or each other. Allison Grace is 15 years old and bears a physical resemblance to Sarah Grace. Caucasian

WILLA THOMAS – 12 – 15 years old, Caucasian. With a sheriff for a father and a mother who spends a lot of time in church, Willa is mature for her age and very keen on what’s right and wrong.

NOVA THOMAS is Willa’s younger sister and wherever Willa goes, she goes. She’s 7 to 8 years old and shot for her age. Caucasian

In France, poet and dramatist Edmond Rostand’s 1897 play by the same name, “Cyrano de Bergerac” is a soldier and poet in love with Roxane, but he’s too ashamed to admit it because of his big nose. When a cadet, Christian falls for Roxane, he asks for Cyrano’s help in sharing his feelings. Cyrano writes love letters signed with Christian’s name, and Roxane doesn’t realize that it’s Cyrano’s words she falls for. She marries Christian, and Cyrano continues to keep the other man’s secret, even after tragedy strikes.
Pennsylvania playwright Susan Reinhard was stunned that there was never a female Cyrano. In her version, entitled “Armour Americain”, Sirianna (the female version of Cyrano) is a success and a respected intellectual and teacher. While she doesn’t have a large nose she is “too short”, has MS and walks around with a cane instead of a sword. She’s the wild feminist warrior and leader…a strong woman who is brought down by love.

List of character:

SIRIANA D. BERGMAN – 40 yr. old female full of “panache”. She’s short, has MS and carries a cane…but with flair

ROBERT XAVIER (ROXY) – 39 yr. old tall, dark, slender male with long hair. A painter from East Village, NY., doesn’t want to grow up.

CHRISSIE NEWSOME – 22 yr. old tall, dark beauty from Ohio. Brand new to NY, fresh off the bus and awkward.

REGANO the BAKER – Round faced happy 50 yr. old male.

CECI GUISSE – 40 yr. old female with too much make up, too much jewelry and too many furs.

THE BRIT – Sirianna’s best friend. In her 40’s, wears a hat and carries a purse like Queen Elizabeth. Always just a tiny bit drunk.

LEE GENET – Roxy’s agent, a male in his 50’s. Intense, always in a suit, very New Jersey.

LINDSEY – 22, female, Chrissie’s friend.

MARIA FLOWERS – a large female in her 50’s.